(Former) Director, Centre of Excellence Science Seafood & Health, Curtin University.

Professor Alexandra McManus

Research Australia_Alexandra McManus


Alexandra McManus is a public health practitioner with substantial experience in nutrition and physical activity community-based intervention and multi-disciplinary research in urban, regional and rural settings. She has a background in finance (11 years) and project management with qualifications in planning, implementation and evaluation of community-based strategic initiatives. Alexandra has a particular skill in translating complex research outcomes into a variety of easy to understand formats. She has an ethos of only conducting research that can be put directly into practice with outcomes of value to end-users. She is well known for her strong work ethic, passion, enthusiasm, ability to attract significant funding and for her strategic planning skills.

Alexandra McManus has over 25 years experience in Board Directorship with significant experience in Executive and Chair roles. She has held a committee or Board role in a sports medicine related organisations every year since 1974. She is currently; Member, Research Australia University Roundtable, Chair Research Australia Regional and Rural and Research Committee; Director Kidsafe WA; Deputy Director International Institute Agrifood Security; Secretary (WA) Austin Seven Car Club; and Member, Seafood CRC Consumer Insights & Market Intelligence Group.

In her substantive role as Inaugural Director of the Centre of Excellence Science Seafood & Health (CESSH), Alexandra strives to service the research and education needs of the Australian seafood industry, build local research and technical capacity, and to secure funding to support the Centre’s activities. Key achievements in this role in the past three years include: securing $4.1 million for priority research identified by industry; building a core team of 9 staff; and gaining a reputation for delivering projects on time and on budget. In a short space of three years Alex (with her team), has established an organisation that is now seen by industry as the leading research institute in Australia for post harvest research.

Over the past two decades, Alexandra has conducted a number of very successful community-based research initiatives in the areas of at-risk youth, injury prevention, workplace health, child health; and with those at highest risk of poor health outcomes such as indigenous populations, children and at-risk youth. She has shown continual commitment towards building capacity and a culture of information sharing within public health in order to facilitate positive growth within the field and to make a real change to the health of the Australian population.

Alex provides comment on government policy and consultation processes that relate to health and medical research. She has provided comment to Research Australia submissions since joining the University Roundtable in 2007. In 2010, she prepared a formal submission to Food Standards Australia New Zealand regarding the potential revision of the Food Standards Code to include the most recent Nutrient Reference Values released by the NHMRC. This work was recognised when Alexandra was invited as a reviewer to the Society For Nutrition Educators 2011 International Conference in the USA.