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President, International Institute of Communications
Director, Nihilent Australia Pty Ltd

Chris Chapman
President, International Institute of Communications and
Director, Nihilent Australia Pty Ltd

Chris Chapman has recently concluded his decade-long appointment as the inaugural Chairman and Chief Executive of The Australian Media and Communications Authority (‘the ACMA’), the Commonwealth’s independent regulator of Australia’s broadcasting, telecommunications, on-line services and spectrum.

Prior to that role, Chris had worked initially as a corporate lawyer and Legal Counsel, and then held senior management positions with the Seven Network, the Sydney Olympic stadium, Optus and Prime Infrastructure.

He has extensive Australian and international experience in infrastructure development and in the burgeoning ‘digital ecosystem’- in broadcasting, telecommunications, on-line services and sports rights.

His tenure at the ACMA was marked by an internationally-recognised consistent, well-resourced and strategically-focussed research program that developed a body of evidence and analysis about the efficiency and effectiveness of regulatory settings and tools, and the operation of specific parts of communications and media regulation.

Reflecting this experience and the significant contribution Chris has made to the policy debate about regulation in the telecommunications, media and technology sectors, Chris was recently appointed as the President of the International Institute of Communications (IIC), the first President in its nearly 50 year history to come from the Asia Pacific region. (The IIC is a global membership network which facilitates a balanced, open dialogue that shapes the regulatory and policy agenda for the telecoms, media and technology industries).