Our Policy Platform

In 2014 Research Australia revitalised its policy platform with the launch of our 10 Strategic Imperatives 2015-2025. This document outlines the issues essential to strengthening our health and medical research sector to deliver better health and a stronger economy for Australia.

10 Strategic Imperatives

1.   A healthy and empowered community
2.   Encourage giving
3.   Research active health services deliver higher quality care
4.   Developing implementation science – turning evidence into action
5.   Collaborating for success
6.   World class research needs world class researchers
7.   Funding research
8.   Encourage commercial investment in R&D
9.   A strategic national approach
10. Reduce red tape

Our International Alliance

Research Australia, Research!America, Research Canada, Research Sweden and New Zealanders for Health and Medical Research all have a vision that health and medical research is a shared benefit and responsibility. It is also an important investment for the future of health within each country. The alliance with our international sister organisations is about fostering greater collaboration with each other to leverage expertise, advancements and approaches in health and medical research advocacy.

Our History

Research Australia was established in December 2000. It was formed as a result of recommendations in the Australian Government’s Strategic Review into Health and Medical Research headed by Peter Wills AC.

A major outcome of the Wills Review was the doubling of the National Health and Medical Research Council budget for the five years from 1999-2004. However today, Australia still ranks below the OECD average for expenditure on health and medical research. It has never been more critical than right now to strengthen the research sector to secure Australia’s economic position in the global market place.

The establishment of Research Australia was made possible through the foresight and support of our Foundation Partners and Foundation Donors, including the late Dame Elisabeth Murdoch. This group provided significant funding over three years, enabling Research Australia to build a solid operational platform, secure members and to develop a diverse range of programs.

Foundation Donors

Dame Elisabeth Murdoch
The Garnett Passe and Rodney Williams Memorial Foundation
The Ian Potter Foundation
The Perpetual Foundation

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