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Research Australia is the largest alliance dedicated to making health and medical research a higher national priority.

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Research Australia is pleased to provide you with our 14th public opinion poll,
charting the attitudes of Australia to health and medical research since 2003.


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Health and medical research has made a significant contribution in the last century to improved health outcomes around the world, and it holds the promise for even greater advances in the future.  Australia has world leading expertise in health and medical research, and Australian governments, companies and individuals make significant investments in health and medical research.

While we are doing well, we can always do better. Research Australia believes that by focusing on our policy platform the 10 Strategic Imperatives, we can maximise the health, social and economic benefits our investment in health and medical research provides to the Australian community and the world, to enable us to:

1. Contribute to human knowledge and understanding;
2. Meet the challenges of an ageing population and rising chronic disease;
3. Contribute to an efficient and effective health system;
4. Boost wellbeing and productivity; and
5. Create new jobs and prosperity.