Research Australia is pleased and proud to publish a report featuring over 50 of our members’ overviews of more than 200 ongoing studies into COVID-19 nationally.

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Research Australia’s Response to COVID-19

Right now, the invaluable health and medical research and innovation of Research Australia’s member organisations is being demonstrated.  It is the incredible work being done in this sector that has enabled us to deal with this crisis and it has been our priority to keep the government, membership and public aware of progress in real time. In the last months we have briefed over 100 Members of Parliament on the incredible work underway around Australia in response to COVID-19.

Research Australia’s Sydney and Melbourne offices promptly and efficiently implemented safe working practices with all staff working remotely from mid-March this year. As is our mantra, health first!

We know only too well the importance of data in the health sector and we’ve certainly adopted technology to support the moving of our day-to-day activities, key forums and government briefings to online platforms to continue our advocacy for the sector and to keep key stakeholders abreast of important milestones as we face this pandemic.

Our members have been truly inspiring, quickly shifting their day-to-day research and innovation activities and doing the heavy lifting to help Australia respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.  They have been collaborating intensely and drawing on their networks to learn from local and international experience, adapting quickly and sharing the best ways to respond.

The extent of our members’ activities have included: research about delivering health care for treating COVID-19 patients, keeping health workers safe, understanding how the virus behaves, measures to keep us all in the community safe, finding new treatments for those with the virus that become really unwell and the mental health impacts of the shutdown.  We are all incredibly proud of these efforts, including the outstanding activities to lead the development of vaccines to give us immunity, which is the path to return to more normal lives.

With it so heartening to hear the very many examples of how our members have been advising governments and the front-line, we have been using our convening powers to bring together the health and medical research and innovation leaders with political leaders from right across the country to ensure key decision-makers have the most up-to-date information about this pandemic.

With the many stories our members have shared with us about these activities, we are now looking at what we have learned from COVID-19, what has worked well and how we can embed new ways of innovating and delivering research-based healthcare into our health system for the benefit of us all.

Importantly, we also need to understand the profound impact the pandemic is having on the research sector and what that means for the future of Australia’s research and ultimately to all of us. We are relying on research and innovation to lead us out of the pandemic.

We also need to think about how we ensure health and medical research remains a stable and sustainable part of all of our lives, today and tomorrow.

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