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Welcome to the 20th Issue of INSPIRE focusing on the national and international collaboration in health and medical research.

One way of looking at the importance of collaboration in national and international health and medical research is that none of us are as smart as all of us.  The events of the COVID-19 have shown Australia and other countries, that collaboration is vital to propelling advances in health and medical research.

Top minds and top practitioners across the globe have come together to deal with this one in 100-year challenge. While it is not yet solved, we are well on the way to finding the best possible solution for us all. Thanks to all the contributors: CMRI; Curtin University; Deakin University; Flinders University; Florey Institute; Griffith University; GSK MCRI; NARI; New Zealanders for Health Research; Newcastle University; Red Cross Lifeblood; Research!America; Research!Canada; Research Sweden; Sax institute; Sydney University; University of Melbourne; University of South Australia; University of Western Australia.

Publishing Deadlines for 2021

ISSUE               Abstracts Due Article & Advertising Due  Publishing Month   
Issue 19
5 February 26 February April
The transformative power of data and technology in HMR
Issue 20
14 May 4 June July
National & International Collaboration in HMR
Issue 21
9 July 30 July Aug/Sept
Keeping the consumer in focus in HMR Part I
Issue 22
30 August October
Keeping the consumer in focus in HMR Part II

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