2023 Public Opinion Poll on Health & Medical Research & Innovation

For the Australian public, more Commonwealth Government funding for health and medical research remains a key spending priority in this opinion poll.

As the effects of climate change are increasingly felt by individuals and communities around Australia and the world, there is a growing recognition that taking care of the planet is essential to our own wellbeing. Health and medical research is part of the scientific arsenal we can bring to bear to counter climate change and research to prepare our health systems for climate change is identified as a key priority by the Australian public in our 2023 Opinion Poll.

After several years of polling on aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic this opinion poll brings a greater focus on chronic disease. Arthritis, and measures to manage it are explored; we also revisit the link between several chronic diseases and our own behaviours. Healthy ageing has been a recurring theme in our opinion polling in the last few years and we once again investigate aspects of what it takes to age well and remain healthy.

We also continue to look at the role of donations in supporting health and medical research and the public’s views on the role of research in improving our health system.

All this and more in the Research Australia 2023 Public Opinion Poll on Health & Medical Research & Innovation.


The polling for this report was generously conducted by Roy Morgan Research, a Research Australia Member.



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