2022 Public Opinion Poll on Health & Medical Research & Innovation

Support for health and medical research funding is at its highest level in more than a decade.

Like everything else in 2022, Research Australia’s annual opinion poll has been shaped by issues such as COVID-19, Climate Change, Aged Care, Health and Research Funding.

In a year of massive climate disruption with widespread flooding, we look at the impact this has had on Australians’ views on climate change. Preparing our health system to cope with climate change is the top climate change rated priority for health and medical research.

More funding for HMR remains in the public’s top 10 priorities for Australian Government spending, at number 7: behind Healthcare, Education and Infrastructure. When it comes to the public spending their own money, HMR is considered the cause most deserving of donations.

More than two years into the COVID-19 pandemic support, for vaccination remains strong, including for children under 5. And the public’s trust of information on Government websites has increased since we last asked about this in 2017. All this and more in the Research Australia 2022 Public Opinion Poll on Health & Medical Research & Innovation.


The polling for this report was generously conducted by Roy Morgan Research, a Research Australia Member.



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