Current Consultations

Research Australia regularly contributes to the policy discussions on issues pertinent to Health and Medical Research. This can be through submissions or participating in consultations.

The following lists both consultations and invitations to make submissions which are relevant to health and medical research and/or health and innovation policy in Australia. Research Australia updates this regularly but we may not participate in every one listed.

If you would like more information or you are aware of other consultations that should be included, please contact Greg Mullins, Head of Policy, Research Australia via email

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Data Custodian fee for services Guidance

Due 6 December

Under the DATA Scheme data custodians (most Australian Government agencies) may charge data users fees for services they perform in dealing with a data sharing request. The Office of the National Data Commissioner (ONDC) has developed draft guidance for data custodians on how they should recover the costs of data sharing.

The draft Guidance Consultation on the draft guidance is open for public consultation until 6 December 2022. You can find the draft guidance and instructions on making a submission on our website.

International Education


Due 12 December

At the request of the Minister for Trade and Tourism, the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade (JSCFADT), is conducting an inquiry into Australia’s tourism and international education sectors.

The Terms of Reference include:

    • challenges associated with the loss of international student numbers as a result of the significant disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and effective measures to attract and retain students to Australia;
    • online innovations in education delivery and potential opportunities to strengthen the sector’s resilience;
    • initiatives to ensure positive international student experience and support pathways to build their skills and contribute to Australia’s prosperity; and
    • opportunities for international education to support strategic and foreign policy objectives.

ARC Review


Due 14 December

Appointed by the Minister for Education, The ARC Review Panel is seeking input on ‘how the ARC can be strengthened and enhanced within the current funding envelope with a view to ensuring the vital role the ARC plays within the Australian research ecosystem is recognised and supported into the future’.

Terms of Reference and a consultation paper have been released to guide responses, which can be provided via an electronic survey.

National Dementia Action Plan


Due 31 January

The National Dementia Action Plan is a joint initiative between the Australian Government and state and territory governments. It is a 10 year plan to put people living with dementia, their families, and carers at the centre of all action on dementia.

Objective 7 of the Plan is Improving dementia data and maximising the impact of dementia research and innovation

Responses to the consultation paper can be provided via online survey or email.

National Reconstruction Fund Implementation


Due 3 February 2023

The Australian Government’s $15 billion National Reconstruction Fund ‘will target projects and investments that help Australia capture new, high-value market opportunities to help our businesses grow and succeed in the economy of today and tomorrow.’ One of the target areas is medical products.

The legislation to create the NRF was introduced to Parliament on 30 November. Ahead of the passage of the legislation, the Department of Industry is undertaking a consultation on the NRF’s implementation, including its priority areas and investment mandate.

A consultation paper is available and responses can be provided via an electronic survey or by written submission.