Research Australia’s 17th Annual Report

Reflecting on another dynamic year for health and medical research in Australia, it is exciting to consider the many possibilities that advances in government investment, strengthening of sector collaboration and a positive focus on translation of research may bring to the Australian community.

We are positioned on the cusp of great promise but we need more than ever to ensure a strong and united voice from the research sector, industry, health services and the community to inform and support strategic investment and priorities. Research Australia has and will continue to provide a valuable ‘whole of community’ voice from across our unique alliance and drawing on public opinion.

Research Australia continued its advocacy in a range of areas during the year and we built our Collaborative Strategy which focuses us on the three areas our members told us are so central to the future of our vibrant sector: Data and digital health; the embedding of evidence led research in healthcare delivery and smarter investment in HMR. You can read the Collaborative Strategy and the various projects we’re rolling out in support of these aims.

2017 Research Australia Annual Report

Read online above, or download as PDF here: Research Australia 2017 Annual Report


It would not be possible to deliver on our mission without the generous support of our Members.

The Audited Financial Report is available on request.

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