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Calling contributors

Have you got an interesting research story or discovery you’d like to share with the health and medical research sector?
Would you like to profile how a donation or funding has made a difference to your research?

What we need from you

  • Article abstract – 100 words maximum to be submitted on or before the abstract deadline
  • Full article 700 – 800 words maximum to be submitted on or before the article deadline and includes the following:

• MS Word format
• Article must be proof read before submission to Research Australia
• engaging headline
• subheading (55 words maximum)
• information about the author (lead/co/collaborator). Please provide this information at the end of your article
• URLs to further information
• 1 high resolution, 300 dpi large format image that represents your story (Note: can you please indicate if you approve for this image to be used on other mediums.)
• Image caption: who, where etc.

To contribute to INSPIRE Magazine, your organisation must be a registered Research Australia Member.

We reserve the right to request edits to meet the requirements of INSPIRE Research Australia publication.

Submit article in MS Word format and images as separate files to Wendy McWilliam, Communications Manager,

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