MRFF Funding Opportunities

Several funding opportunities are currently available under the MRFF, seeking to address a range of different diseases and issues in different health settings. They are presented in order of application closing date below.

Want to assist with assessing MRFF grants?
The Department of Health is currently seeking interest from a range of stakeholders to assist in MRFF grant review and assessment as a member of a Grant Assessment Committee. More information is available here.

Open for application now

Improving the Health and Wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mothers and Babies

The funding will support Indigenous-led Australian medical research projects to translate existing knowledge through culturally safe care for pregnancy, birthing and the post-natal period, for example on-country birthing and continuity of family and midwifery care.

The grants of between $2 million and $5 million are administered by Grants Hub, and close on 25 November. More information is available here.

2021 Traumatic Brain Injury Grant Opportunity

The intended outcome of the research funded by this grant opportunity is to improve the health and wellbeing of Australians by:

    • Stream 1 (Targeted Call for Research): supporting the development of more effective, evidence-based care for mild TBI through increased knowledge and its effective application ($3 million)
    • Stream 2 (Targeted Call for Research): reducing the incidence of sports-related concussion and its impact through more effective diagnosis and treatment. ($1 million)

Minimum data is due 25 January 2022. More information is available here.

2021 International Clinical Trial Collaborations

$12.6 million is available over two rounds, for Applications that propose a single clinical trial in Australia in collaboration with international counterparts. The clinical trial must meet specific criteria outline in the eligibility criteria and the lead applicant must be an NHMRC Administering Institution. The program is administered by the NHMRC.
Round 1:  Closed 
Round 2:  Minimum data due 2 February 2022

Dementia, Ageing and Aged Care Mission

$25.5 million will be available to support research and innovation that will:

    • conduct implementation research on preventive health care
    • conduct research to support early diagnosis and treatment of conditions that are prevalent among older Australians.
    • through a competitively selected national consortium identify the key components of high-quality care for older Australians and how these can be combined to ensure optimal care
    • improve care for older Australians by optimising informatics approaches that gather nationally representative data.

This grant opportunity is administered by the NHMRC. Minimum data is due by 2 February 2022. Guidelines are available on Grant Connect here.

Primary Healthcare Research Initiative

$10 million is available for application through the NHMRC for two areas of primary healthcare research.

The first will test and implement new applications of existing wearable electronic devices and the second will examine new ways to deliver point-of-care testing, particularly for those in rural areas.

While most patients in Australia can access pathology testing services, point-of-care testing has the potential to significantly enhance access to diagnostic technologies and clinical management models, including bettering patient engagement, compliance and safety.
By further understanding wearables, the government hopes that by supporting digital health it will allow individuals to better manage their health and lifestyle as part of a co-ordinated care with their GP. This, in turn, would result in fewer visits to the doctor.

Minimum data is due 9 February 2022. More information available on the NHMRC website  here.