Managing Director
Chief Executive Officer
Research Australia

Nadia Levin

CEO & Managing Director
Research Australia

As CEO of Research Australia, Nadia leads national advocacy for health and medical research innovation, positioning the sector as a significant driver of a healthy population and healthy economy.

Nadia has successfully driven recognition and a change in strategies to support the translation of research discovery and innovation into collective opportunity. This includes the importance of investing in and maintaining sustainable landmark research and smart innovation infrastructure.

Part of her focus is showcasing the role of the digital evolution in healthcare and bio sciences progress in contemporary Australia.  She was part of a national effort in standing up a substantial MRFF programme, aimed at changing the way we think about funding game-changing research. She is Chair of the Frontiers Health and Medical Research Initiative.

Showcasing and emphasising the role of research as part of a national capability is a clear mission, driven by the massive impact it has on all our lives.  This includes supporting the possibilities that research and innovation provides for greater health outcomes and the many career pathways this sector provides regardless of where someone is in their career or discipline.  To sum it up, Nadia’s focus is on converging policy, politics, and possibilities. Our health at all stages of our lives, and wealth as a nation depend on us doing this well.

Nadia Levin tweets as @ResAustralia and @nlsydney