Why nominate?


As the national peak body for health and medical research, Research Australia’s health and medical research Awards are highly regarded and coveted in the health and medical research sector.

The research profile of finalists and award winners is greatly increased within the sector through recognition on Research Australia’s media channels as well as our partners and sponsors.

Success drives other research opportunities for you and your collaborators.

Whilst this prestigious event showcases the amazing contributions from leaders in the sector it is also an opportunity to nominate those starting their journey in research.

What are the key nomination dates? Nominations will open April 2023
Nominations will close midnight Wednesday 9th August 2023
Who can nominate?


Two nominators are required for each nomination. The primary nominator must be an individual who’s organisation is member of Research Australia. A seconder (which may be an individual, team or organisation) is also required; they do not need to be a Research Australia member
Who can be nominated?


Nominations can be for any individual, team or organisation that meets the criteria for that Award. Research Australia membership is not a prerequisite, nor is it of any advantage or disadvantage during the entire nomination process
How do I nominate?


Simply click here to take you through to the online nomination form

It can be helpful to review previous award recipients for your category before choosing your category.

Please ensure you address the criteria included in the description, there are four for each category. Each nomination must be between 700-800 words per submission.

What are the criteria for each Award? The Awards category descriptions are deliberately broad to encourage as many nominations as possible. Where examples are requested it is expected that more than one are provided.
Can someone be nominated for more than one Award? Yes, individuals can be nominated for more than one Award.
Is there a limit on how many nominations I can make? There is no limit to the number of nominations that can be made by an individual or organisation but a person can only be the primary nominator for a maximum of two categories.
Can I supply additional information in support of my nomination?


Supplementary information is discouraged however you may choose to include lists of publications, citations, Awards and the like in the nomination. While these lists are relevant for verification purposes, such histories should also be summarised very briefly in the body of your reasons for nomination if you believe that information is important.

Maximum word count is 700-800 words.

Can I save my nomination?


Unfortunately, the online tool does not allow you to save your nomination form and return to it later. Please have all the relevant nominee and nominator information ready along with the drafted submission ready to include.  We recommend fully editing the submission and cutting and pasting it into the online form.

For more information about the 2023 Award process please email awards@researchaustralia.org or call 02 9295 8545.