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Each year Research Australia carries out an annual public opinion poll to gauge the strength of community support for health and medical research. This poll has enabled us to chart the attitudes of Australians toward the sector and the related issues surrounding this very important part of our quality of life. Importantly, it also enables us to canvass community opinion on general health issues or current debates.

Australia Speaks! 2016 Opinion Poll

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Research Australia is pleased to present our 13th public opinion poll.  The report once again reflects the high value individuals place on the importance of national investment funding for health and medical research. We think the reason for this is clear.

Australians’ top 10 priorities for the Australian Government
Australians’ top 10 priorities for the Australian Government

Australians understand the link between health and medical research and better healthcare. They believe the single most important thing we can do to improve our health system is to base healthcare on the best and most recent research. In the year in which the Medical Research Future Fund is to provide its first funding for medical research and innovation, it has Australians’ overwhelming support. The focus of the MRFF on research to improve healthcare fits well with the public’s expectations of health and medical research and its relationship with our health system.


A fascinating area of development in contemporary society is the use of technology. Information is abundant and as individuals we are feeling empowered. Health technology has traditionally been associated with care in hospitals with things like: X-rays, MRIs, heart rate monitors and key hole surgery with miniature cameras. Health technology has also advanced into our homes, with ‘CPAP’ machines to assist snorers, home dialysis and digital glucose monitors. More recently we have seen the rise of smart phones with health apps, and the evolution of the humble pedometer into today’s activity tracking devices.

75% Willing to share data with researchers

These are part of a new trend towards individuals using technology to manage their own health and fitness, and our polling explores the scope for this technology to contribute to health and medical research. We also identify an opportunity for medical practitioners, d

The polling for this report was conducted by Roy Morgan Research, a Research Australia Platinum Member.

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Thank you to all for assisting Research Australia with this initiative.

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