Marketing & Administration Assistant

Luisa Bicalho

Marketing & Administration Assistant

Luisa joined Research Australia in February 2024.

With over 8 years of hands-on experience in marketing, communications, event management, and public relations, Luisa brings a wealth of expertise to her role as Marketing and Administration Assistant. Holding a bachelor’s degree in public relations and communications, she is dedicated to enhancing brand awareness, fostering relationships, and delivering targeted messages. Known for her dynamic energy and attention to detail, Luisa excels in social media management, event planning, and project coordination.

Her career spans diverse industries, from corporate Australia to the not-for-profit sector, honing her expertise in digital strategies, data analysis, and marketing operations. Luisa’s commitment extends beyond the professional realm, actively contributing to community engagement and promoting cultural awareness.

In her personal life, Luisa is an avid yoga practitioner and wellness advocate, showcasing her dedication to personal growth and health promotion.