13 December 2021

A NATIONAL Health and Medical Research Strategy will see a national approach to research, bringing earlier treatments to Australians and those around the world.

Health and Aged Care Minister Greg Hunt announced the development of the Vision 2040 Strategy at Research Australia’s 18th Annual Health and Medical Research Awards on Thursday night.

Research Australia, the national alliance representing the entire health and medical research pipeline, has been leading the call for a national strategy to implement a nationally coordinated approach to investment in all stages of research to best meet health system needs and health priorities.

Research Australia CEO Nadia Levin welcomed the commitment by Minister Hunt to develop a national strategy in collaboration with the health and medical research sector.

“This is fantastic news for the future of Australian health and medical research. A national strategy will facilitate coordinated investment in research and strengthen the connection between research and healthcare as we move out of pandemic mode and into Covid normal,” Ms Levin said.

Ms Levin said a national strategy, which has been recommended by previous reviews of health and medical research over 15 years, will further support researchers’ capacity to innovate and translate research to improve both health and economic outcomes for Australia.

“Smarter, more strategic investment in health and medical research is the only way to future-proof our health system and secure our nation’s economic productivity.

“Australia can become a regional gateway for the provision of world class medical services and clinical trials, reinforcing our global reputation as the regional flagship health system, helping to improve health outcomes worldwide.”

Research Australia hosted the 18th Annual Health and Medical Research Awards in celebration of the outstanding achievements in health and medical research throughout 2020 and 2021.

The flagship award of the night, the Peter Wills Medal, was awarded to the former Chief Medical Officer Professor Brendan Murphy, for his outstanding, long-term contribution to building Australia’s reputation in areas of health and medical research and fostering collaboration for better health.

The Vision 2040 National Health and Medical Strategy will be developed over the next year and will become the legacy of Minister Hunt’s successor.

“Our task together, through the 10-year plan for the MRFF, through the Vision 2040 for medical research and the Strategy that comes with that, is to bring cures and treatments earlier to more Australians and more people around the world,” Mr Hunt said.

For more information on a National Health and Medical Research Strategy and related reforms, visit Research Australia’s consultation hub –

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