National Science Statement

Yesterday the Australian government launched the National Science Statement, outlining its commitment to science as part of the National Innovation and Science Agenda.

This comes in advance of the 2030 Strategic Plan for Innovation, Science and Research, with Innovation and Science Australia commissioned by the government to review Australia’s performance in science and innovation, and develop a plan through to 2030.

Research Australia welcomes the Statement’s long-term approach to science in Australia; in particular, the explicit references to secure and sustainable investment and recognition of the role of research as a central contributor to GDP. 

“The Statement confirms the importance of Australians being engaged in and enriched by science and the central place science plays in Australian society and in our future. The health and medical research sector looks forward to working with Innovation and Science Australia (ISA) on the development of the 2030 Strategic Plan for Innovation, Science, and Research.

In a more tangible sign of this Government’s commitment to science and its power to transform our lives, we also looks forward to the imminent announcement of the first disbursements from the Medical Research Future Fund, with its focus on ensuring that our health and medical research is translated into better health care and capitalising on the opportunities to further develop our pharmaceutical and medical technology industries.”

Nadia Levin, CEO Research Australia

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