The Inspirational Fight Against Drug-Resistant Infections

Media Release: 7 November, 2016

It’s a story you would expect to see in a science fiction movie, but the reality of drugresistant infections dramatically changed Matthew Ames’ life forever.

At just 39, Matthew’s sore throat – and its source, a streptococcal infection – led to a series of events that saw all four of his limbs being amputated in order to save his life.

His incredible advocacy work after beating the odds, and through his sharing of his story of recovery, has earned him a nomination for the 2016 Research Australia Advocacy Award.

A tireless advocate the University of Queensland’s Community for Open Antimicrobial Drug Discovery (CO-ADD), Matthew said it was a great honour to be nominated.

The CO-ADD team lead an open-access research program for researchers across the world to collaborate in a search for new antibiotics.

“I have experienced the catastrophic impact that can occur due to a bacterial infection,” he said.

“Working with the University of Queensland Institute for Molecular Bioscience to spread this message has given me the opportunity to contribute to their work in the best way I can.

“Developing more effective antibiotics is a critical part of preventing others from having to go through what I have.

“The most rewarding part of my involvement has been to see and feel the passion that the researchers have for the same outcome that I do.”

CEO of Research Australia, Nadia Levin, said Matthew is a very deserving nominee who has dedicated himself to spreading awareness about health and medical research.

“Matthew has lent his voice of positive change to support antibiotics discovery and infection diagnosis research, calling on governments and the general public to be involved,” she said.

“The Advocacy Award recognises those who may not be able to contribute in terms of the science of research, but who lend their support and voice in other ways.

“Matthew is an outstanding example – his generosity in sharing his own life changing experience to help others striving towards solutions with the health and medical research community is awe inspiring.

“Acknowledging those who work tirelessly in pursuit of better health and medical research is a great honour, and we acknowledge the dedication of our Advocacy Award nominees.”

The Advocacy Award will be announced at the Research Australia Awards on Wednesday 16 November.

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