Tackling Mental Illness with R&R: Research and Recovery

Media Release: Monday 7 November 2016

Last month, the 300th life was changed thanks to an Australian-first program which takes students and people with a lived experience of mental illness on a life changing adventure.

Recovery Camp brings together future health practitioners and people with serious mental illnesses through an immersive and innovative program.

Students learn beyond their textbook and see beyond a diagnosis – a unique and invaluable opportunity to relate to a person as themselves, not just through their illness.

Professor Lorna Moxham, from the University of Wollongong (UOW), conceptualised the project, which has been nominated for the 2016 Research Australia Health Services Research Award.

Since it began in 2013, Recovery Camp has run five times and continues to empower consumers, their carer’s and future clinicians, and Prof Moxham said she is honoured to be nominated.

“To be able to engage in research that is interdisciplinary and truly translational is a highlight of my career,” Prof Moxham said.

“I am passionate about making a difference for people with serious mental illness and their carers, and providing clinical education in collaboration with those who have a lived experience.

“I am fortunate to work in an institution that is so supportive of this research – UOW has enabled this specific translational and educative research project to grow and blossom.

“I look forward to an evening that recognises just how much research talent we have in Australia.”

Nadia Levin, CEO of Research Australia said the contribution of Prof Moxham’s work and Recovery Camp to the delivery of mental health services is exceptional.

“This is a program that is making better clinicians – clinicians who understand that each individual has their own way of coping with their illness and helping themselves,” she said.

“As a student, and a future clinician, they will be better equipped to understand how they could help make their patients coping methods more effective, thanks to Recovery Camp.

“What Professor Moxham has done is create a program that produces students who are better equipped to do their jobs, which ultimately translates to better health care.

“The Health Services Award recognises someone who has made an outstanding contribution, and has changed and improved the way health services are being delivered.

“Professor Moxham is an undoubtedly an exceptionally deserving nominee, who is leading the way for significant improvement in mental health services.”

The Health Services Research Award will be announced at the Research Australia Awards on Wednesday 16 November. Tickets available here.

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