Major MRFF Announcements

There has been some big news coming out of Canberra in the last few days, with two major announcements regarding the Medical Research Future Fund.

“Million Minds” health mission to focus on mental health

Earlier today, the Minister for Health announced a National ‘million minds’ Health Mission, focusing on mental health, to be funded from the MRFF. The plan for the Mission is to be developed ‘over the next six months’, including details of what the MRFF will fund. This follows on the Brain Cancer mission announced last year.

$2.5 million announced for National Action Plan for endometriosis

The Federal Government has announced that $2.5 million will be available for a targeted call for research into the diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis. The funding was announced by the Health Minister on 2 March 2018 as part of the Government’s development of a National Action Plan for Endometriosis.

Please visit the MRFF Funding Announcements page for more information about these and other MRFF funding announcements.

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