Public Sector Data Availability and Use

The Productivity Commission is undertaking an Inquiry into the availability and use of public data. Research Australia’s submission in response to the Issues Paper emphasises the importance of improved access to public data as a means of facilitating Australian health and medical research. It highlights the importance of linked datasets and identifies a number of cultural and legislative barriers to the greater use of data for research purposes. It also provides some case studies and makes some recommendations for improvement.

Data Availability and Use

Pokémon Go could hold key to better research, healthier Australia

Media Release: Monday 18 July 2016

Data from a forthcoming poll from Research Australia, an alliance of health and medical researchers, shows nearly one in five Australians use an activity tracking device daily or nearly daily.

Of the people who use activity trackers, three-quarters are prepared to share that data, on the proviso that it is anonymously used for health and medical research.

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