Making better use of Health Identifiers for research

The Health Identifiers Review is being conducted by the Department of Health, with the objective of increasing the usage of Health Identifiers in the health system. Research Australia is seeking an amendment to the Health Identifiers Act to explicitly permit Health Identifiers to be used when preparing datasets for research purposes.

Research Australia’s response to the consultation is available here.

The Australian Health Data Series

Flying Blind | The Australian Health Data Series 

Flying Blind is a series of three reports dedicated to uncovering the acute levels of data fragmentation existing at all levels of Australia’s health landscape.

CMCRC in collaboration with Research Australia is currently working on the second report which examines Australia’s health and medical research data environment and traces the difficulties that Australian researchers face at each stage of their journey as they attempt to access research data. Volume One dived into consumers and digital health through the patient journey, service fragmentation, health data silos, legislation, regulation and policy and consumer concerns and perceptions.

As we write Volume Two: Researchers and the Health Data Maze, we’ll be publishing regular blog posts of interest to this topic. The blog is updated regularly by members of the CMCRC’s Health Market Quality program and Research Australia. If you would like to be a guest blogger please email Lucy Clynes with your expressions of interest.

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Health Data Sets – linkage and access

The Senate Select Committee into Health invited Research Australia to make a submission in relation to the linkage of and access to Commonwealth Health datasets for research purposes. The submission emphasised the importance of this data to research, and the potential it provides for better health outcomes and a safer, more effective and efficient health system. The submission made several recommendations to support the greater use of data, including the digital collection and storage of more data, recognising the use of health records for research purposes in governing legislation and building capacity in data management and data analysis.

Health Data Linkage and Access