Responsible AI in healthcare

In June 2023 the Department of Industry, Science and Resources announced a consultation on steps Australia can take to mitigate the potential risks of AI.

Addressing the questions posed in the Discussion paper, Research Australia’s submission endorses a risk based approach to the regulation of the development of AI in healthcare, and expresses support for the existing role of the Therapeutic Goods Administration in respect of AI in medical devices. It also calls for dedicated research to understand where AI is posing risk in health care and how these risks can best be mitigated.

New Poll: Australian’s will share their personal health data if privacy protected

Media Release: Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Some 91 per cent of Australians would be willing to share their de-identified medical data if it went towards research purposes.

That’s just one of the important findings from a Roy Morgan Research poll conducted on behalf of Research Australia as part of their annual national Australia Speaks study.

“What scientists and researchers need is data to develop new treatments and to track changes in the rise and fall of diseases over time,” said Research Australia CEO, Nadia Levin.

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Influencing and collaborating – these clinicians lead research to deliver better outcomes

Thank you to all those that nominated their heroes for the 2016 Research Australia Health & Medical Research Awards. 2016 has seen the highest number of nominations and the stories are amazing. We look forward to sharing some of them with you.

The Health Services Research Award recognises an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to health services research, provided leadership in health services research, undertaken research that has led to a significant improvement in healthcare, or championed the development of the health services research field. Which of these amazing people below will join the ranks of the prestigious Health Services Research Award alumni including: Prof Robert Sanson-Fisher AO and Prof Jeffrey Braithwaite

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New poll with new message for new Government: Australians want to see medical research prioritised and medical breakthroughs a reality

Media Release: Monday 5 September 2016

A new poll released has revealed 87 per cent of Australians support the Federal Government’s Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF).

The Roy Morgan Research poll conducted for Research Australia, also shows 78 per cent of Australians believe the MRFF will lead to better health outcomes.

“It is clear there is significant support for the Medical Research Future Fund and Australians want to see it become a reality,” said CEO of Research Australia, Nadia Levin.

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Pre Budget Submission 2016

Research Australia submission to the Treasurer in respect of preparations for the 2016 Budget acknowledges the importance of the Government’s focus on science and innovation to Australia’s future and makes a number of recommendations with the aim of improving supporting economic growth and developing a more innovative, safer, and efficient health system that delivers better quality care.

Pre Budget Submission 2016

Health Data Sets – linkage and access

The Senate Select Committee into Health invited Research Australia to make a submission in relation to the linkage of and access to Commonwealth Health datasets for research purposes. The submission emphasised the importance of this data to research, and the potential it provides for better health outcomes and a safer, more effective and efficient health system. The submission made several recommendations to support the greater use of data, including the digital collection and storage of more data, recognising the use of health records for research purposes in governing legislation and building capacity in data management and data analysis.

Health Data Linkage and Access

Safety & Quality in Healthcare standards

The Australian Commission on Safety & Quality in Healthcare issued new draft Safety & Quality in Healthcare Standards for consultation. Research Australia has made a submission emphasising the improvement in safety and quality that can be made through greater engagement by researchers with the healthcare sector, and proposing a number of ways in which the draft Standards could be modified to enhance and support this engagement.

Safety & Quality in Healthcare standards

Industry Assistance in Queensland

Research Australia has responded to the Queensland Competition Authority’s Draft Report of Queensland Government Industry Assistance. Research Australia supports the need for a clear rationale and strict criteria for Industry Assistance Programs but suggests that the proposed criteria need to be developed and applied more appropriately. In the case of health and medical research, the opportunity to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the health care sector (with a saving to the Queensland Government) and to improve health and wellbeing need to be recognised as legitimate objectives of Government assistance. The submission highlights the complex interaction between public research funding and private sector involvement in the commercialisation of health and medical research, and points to some successful Queensland models that are worth supporting.

Industry Assistance in Queensland

Electronic Health Records

The Australian Government has consulted on changes to the personally controlled electronic health record (PCEHR) system, including moving to an opt out system, which creates the prospect of a much higher take up of the system and much greater utility to researchers in the future. While there is no proposed change to current arrangements in relation to research, the review offers the opportunity to influence how the system can be used for research purposes. Research Australia has supported the move to an opt out system, and has made a number of recommendations, including amending the legislation to allow identified data to be provided for data linking with other data sources for research purposes, and the indefinite retention of health records as a important resource for longitudinal research.

Electronic Health Records

Pre Budget Submission 2015

Research Australia has made a submission to the Treasurer in relation to the 2015-16 Budget. Research Australia’s submission urges the Government to implement the MRFF and to invest in health and medical research as a means of improving the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of Australia’s health system.

Pre Budget Submission 2015